Welcome to Shooters Grill!


Shooters Grill was established on May 22, 2013. Owners, Jayson and Lauren Boebert wanted to invest in a business that gave back to the community. We opened our doors with the intent to create jobs, and increase our influence by reaching our hands into areas we would not have been able to with a home business. Our main goal was to serve people and demonstrate to them the love of the Lord, Jesus.

Quickly, Shooters Grill became a staple to the city of Rifle, Colorado and an anchor for the 2nd amendment. Yes! Our waitstaff open carry firearms!! Patrons, are of course, welcome to carry their firearms on premises, too! Just leave those bad boys HOLSTERED! We offer monthly conceal carry weapons permit training by Legal Heat. (Tap or click one of the images below to be taken to the conceal carry signup page)

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Whether you are visiting and are wanting to get a look at our famous waitresses with guns, or are one of our valued locals wanting to satisfy your hunger, we are here for you!!!

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